Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My 21st Year In Life

There's something about numerically adding a number to your age that makes you remember how fast life is going by. I suddenly take stock of my own and wonder if I'm going in the correct direction.

Am I wasting my life?

this seems to be the big question that bugs me these days. Am I wasting it watching Eureka, Life, Reaper, Eli Stone, Will and Grace, ANTM.... all those other series that the media feeds us today.

Yet my own life show-series is an uneventful loop of assignments and show watching. At least I have things I've accomplished...things I will accomplish when I get myself out of this funk.

If I could publish my own magazine.

I have learnt the magic of photoshoping.

these are my new product I created for my business plan.
learnt some illustrating skills. (Thanks one academy.)

I have learnt that we are all connected, and if you pay attention to what people say, you gain alot of benefit from the great vine.

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