Monday, 18 June 2007

Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream


Usually I wake from funny fantasy dreams, filled with flying and absolute nonsense which seemed perfectly normal at the time. However, this time I dreamt something close to reality.
I dreamt that me and my family were on vacation. My dad, sister, Cousin Teresa and a classmate (not sure who, cuz kept changing) all were staying at a hotel. I just remembered waking in the hotel to the noise of my classmate and sister laughing as they were sneaking out without me and Teresa.

Then, freakishly, me and Teresa went to the shower, TOGETHER! but I didn't see anything, the view was like stuck above shoulders.No breast and pet pets. I just looked into the mirror to shampoo my hair.Then all I remember was stepping out of the bathroom and standing behind my dad who was watching the news. The dream-view focused on the TV screen. There I saw a news reporter coming up the escalator, She looked remarkably like Juliana (my classmate).
On screen she tripped on the escalator and fell on top of the cameraman. Her skirt then got caught by the slit where the steps end. you know, the slit that you usually jump over. Her face in panic and flailing her arms about,she landed on the cameraman shouting at the camera crew. I laughed hysterically in the room,giggling in my mind. The look on her angry face, you should have seen.

Suddenly, the skirt pulls her whole body in and we all watched in horror as the TV screen showed the reporter's body bend in half and gets crunched right into the slit of the escalator,as if disappearing into a meat grinder. My laughter in the air was sliced by the screams of that Juliana look-alike reporter. All that was left was bloodied fingers, sticky hair, ripped skirt and a splattered pool of blood. I was so shocked that I woke at dawn.

It was like a scene right out of Final Destination. My dreamself was shocked! i didn't expect this at all! Such a cruel joker my subconcious self can be! Sometimes I wonder if the culprit is Jewel.

I illustrated what I remember from the dream.This is the last freakish scene.

Guess what I just bought??? --- A DGSLR!!! weeee, Canon EOS 400

After many hours of research to name my new gift, in the end the name of all canon models was the best still, chosen over names like Mithras, Sol and Dianus. I finally went with Eos. Below is part of my research.

HYPERION was the Titan god of light, the father of the three shining gods of heaven - Eos the Light of Dawn and Day, Helios the Sun, and Selene the Moon.

Eos seems most appropriate, and somehow I felt that this camera was a male. I have no idea why, perhaps its some kind of perception thing.

I also wanted to appreciate the special things I've received, things that travelled far and wide to get to me, I think it made the gifts more special that way.

1. A Paddington Bear Letter! from Fionapets -written in Australia, flown to Hong kong then sent to Malaysia. Cool right! haha only fipets has the time to make all this cute letter thingy. But I must agree, it really has a much more personal touch to it. Thanks fi!

2. A combined gift from the Shidios -taken Bus,Cable Car,Monorail,LRT and Car up to Genting and back. Love the style of it. Small Talk, Big Results.

4. Happy Birthday Card from Fionapets in Australia! She knows my taste well. you guys all know I like these bright lively things. LOL.

5. This last item is a carved elephant from India! It's from Sam Goh which I think is really nice considering I didn't ask him to buy a souvenir for me. I love surprising thoughtfulness. Thank you.

Happy Father's Day!
I had two family dinners which I wish to appreciate. Both celebrating Father's day. One with my Mom's side for her father. Having that oriental flavored dishes- Abalone, Dim Sum and such. Who can forget the one who got Huffed and Puffed and Blown down-

And one with my dad at Jarrod & Rawlins. We celebrated When i first tried out my Eos.

I just finished making a handmade Mousepad for my dad- granted it's two days past Father's day, But better late than never.

Ok Let me point out that the numbering of the items is wrong! HAHA! If you noticed, then you have good observation skills. If not, then it proves that humans process colors first in an image before words and numbers. Cool eh? just made up this test right now. Cuz I just wanted this post to seem contrived.

May Summer's Day Light Your Way~

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