Thursday, 21 June 2007

Australian Preparation

Australian Preparation

A happy and fruitful day after shopping around. As you can see in just one day of shopping how much trouble impulse buying can get you. But I'm super glad i finally got to buy the Paul Smith's Story that I had my eye on, or more like my nose on. I also got a book title WICKED - so love the title. It's about the wicked witch of the west ,Elphaba-from The Wizard of Oz from her point of view! how she went to magic school with her goody two shoes sister the good witch of the east. Haven't started yet but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. So if anyone's wants to get me a present, you can get me the sequel to this story - Son of A Witch!.
Aiya sien, preparing for Australia is not fun. but at least finally found a temporary place to stay + have lotsa help from different ppl. loves you all!

Dark Dreams

Lately, night after night my dreams have been turning dark. A fear has tainted my subconcious. I wonder if my dream-self is trying to tell me something. Is there some danger about to occur? Legend says that your dreams are linked to the part of you that is psychic, in touch with the universe, has perceptive senses to the unseen energies. Could this then be a warning? If so, there is something wrong with my soul.

The dream this time is completely delved in shadow. Everything was dark as a moon lit night by the grave. I remember being with my old schoolmates wandering across the weed covered fields, on some mission set on us by my evil principal. Many of my comrades were climbing over barb-wired fences, knowingly giving up their lives for some cursed purpose. The fog came in and stripped my memories...

... I was stuck in a jam in the city. The sky poured down till it blurred even the street lights. I was driving my white Beetle car (like mr bean's) saying good bye to Shaza, and she shouted at me to chase after her sister's vehicle right in front of me. My eyes widened as I saw her sister give me an evil grin. Something told me that I HAD to catch her. My life depended on it.
The traffic jam was so bad that it was a bumper to bumper crawl. Yet, she managed to escape before my eyes- (the dream view changes into a view from the top)- I climb on top of my white car, and it shrank, and soon it was a cute floating device used in pools. I laid my body on top of it and began to float above the crowd, far above, till the lights on the 40th floor of the building could be seen beside me.

The chase was meaningless, her vehicle swerved in and out of the darkness, seemingly a part of the shadow itself. One minute detectable, the next invisible. All the while I was dogged by the urgency of catching her with only my White car Float. I lost track of her amongst the black foliage of the stormy trees. As i see the lighted circle cast by the street lamps come into view, a bunch of kids with spears start stabbing at me from below, believing me to be some sort of evil flying spirit. I dodged them as best I could on a cute car float stuck in the air during a night storm. The float began to sink, I fear for myself...The world ended-.

I woke up.

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