Saturday, 26 January 2008

My Drama

Mamma mia, finally I have some drama involving me directly.

I was supposed to go to La Queen with Naf and gang today - Naf's dad dropped me at The Curve cause I wanted to get a new bag and I couldn't wait.

My mom said "I'll Pick you and Rose up at Maybank later k~"

So I called Ee Lynn but she said she had dinner plans already. Then i called Natalie, but she said she had plans with Julie..

So I moped a lil and tried to face the fact that I'll actually be eating out:


For the first time in YEARS!

Then i got a call from Ee Lynn and Natalie, each saying they can change their plans to suit me.


So I had a lovely dinner with Ee Lynn and her sis. then a sweet chat with Natalie and Julie.HappY! thanks guys.

My mom called, which meant I had to leave (DARN! and i was just at the topic of MadTV!)
I walked hurriedly and while asking my mom to wait.

In front of me, I saw the Punk, dark queen herself. ROAAAAAARSE AKA rose.
I told my mom : "yeap I see her right in front of me now. I'll be with her walking to your car."

Just then, I see her grab on to the waist of a much older indian guy next to her.


aRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF~! I panicked~ I squatted behind a by-standing signboard, which innocently wondered if I had gone mad from handphone radiation.

I quickly said "er No mom! that's not her,it was some fatter girl. uhhh I'm lost, the doors are all locked, you'll have to fetch me from laundry." click*tooot toot toot

I called Tim! apparently Tim was right there at Laundry instead of being in Hartamas like he said he was !

we raved about the drama i had just witnessed.

You see, she can't know that I know about this. Because I have to use this as leverage to blackmail her. In case I need to I mean.
If she knows, she may try to find out how much I know... which will lead to a whole manipulative struggle between us.

STRESS!~ the dangers of having a sibling.

And now at My office

Leo Burn Net

I have been moved to the Creative Department which is Soooo much more fun.
Plus I work under the Lead actor from Sepet!!!

Yeap he's name is Seong and he was the guy who acted as Jason in the Malaysian Movie Sepet. AIya I'll let wikipedia tell you - sien

Sepet is a 2004 Malaysian romantic comedy drama film set in Ipoh, Malaysia. Directed by Yasmin Ahmad, it tells a tale of a love that blooms between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl. Sepet is a Malay word which, in this context, refers to the 'slit eyes' of the Chinese.19-year old Ah Loong is in charge of a stall selling pirated VCDs. Contrary to the stereotype of his social standing, Ah Loong, starring Ng Choo Seong, is an incurable romantic with an unlikely hobby - he loves to read and write poetry.
So the thing was that Yasmin had to find a replacement at the last minute when the designated actor bailed out due to the objection of his girlfriend. So Seong is an Art director at Leo Burnett, so I guess one thing led to another and ,poof - he starred in the show.

Yup the guy squating on the left. the VCD seller lala guy is my job supervisor.....

my life is so funny!


alea amin said...

OMG. DRAMA LLAMA! your mom saw Rose kissed him??


Prince Royce said...

no salah!

I'm the one who saw it, my mom was in the car outside, we were only walking towards her.

surely she wont show my parents wan.
parents dunno