Tuesday, 22 January 2008


In today's world, Science is Magic

Technology is Sorcery.

Therefore we all know how important it is to have Hard Drives,MP3 players, thumb drives and so on.

Recently I've lost everything to the assholic BAhsterd who broke Markus's window and took my tough bag with my world of goodies. All my storage devices are gone, so now I seek to replace them, and maybe add a little bonus consolation gift for myself to boot.

Today I click click clicked to find out what are the best choices for my new Technomagic® stuff.
Apparently good external hard drives now are those from Western Digital And Seagate.
Prices at LOW YAT
A Western Digital 160gb harddrive is now about RM340
but I custom made my own at RM289

A 4gb thumbdrive is now only RM58!! so dirt cheap compared to those days.

and guess what... Dad bought me a PSP! yay so sweet right. For once he "Be a MAN!", He "Do The Right Thing" - (Russell Peters)
I chose the lavender one cuz it kinda looked off white-ish with just a hint of lilac but not too obvious.

Before I made my decision I had to do so much research! such hardworkingness for such wrong reasons. Well actually i just typed in PSP vs Nintendo DS--- this is what I got from IGN.com

If you look at the category winners, the PSP takes the system power, control and media categories while the Nintendo DS takes battery life, portability and load times.

So in theory, the Nintendo DS is a better portable system but the PSP is the better all-around system. This seems like a fair enough assessment and the final word we'll stick with.

So bergembira playing my games. Thanks Alwyn for helping me out with the purchase and game selection. I didn't even know it's now called PSP Slim & Lite cuz it's just a lil bit thinner than the old one.

Another thing that has a new look --- (which I also have my eye on) is the Ipod Nano!

Old Look

New Look

man, It's so tough deciding which Mp3 player to get. But through tireless wandering of the armpits of Low Yat Plaza ; and rigorous testing of the different models and brands. I've narrowed down my preference to a few which I'd like you guys to help me decide on.

The Ipod Nano

The Samsung P2 -

WOW points:

  • Touch Screen
  • Wide Screen For Videos
BLAH Points:
  • too wide to fit comfortably in pocket
  • gets laggy when memory gets filled.

Samsung S5

WOW points:
  • Pretty Display
  • In-Built Speakers
  • SUPPORTS BLUETOOTH -Can be connected to phone as Speakers for calls.
BLAH Points:
  • too THiCK! like a phone
  • Do I need a MP3 player with speakers?
  • Only available in 2 GB


WOW points:
  • Easily Portable
  • Stylish for a thin thing
BLAH Points:
  • So thin and FRAGILE!
  • I might as well pay a bit more for something cooler.
  • Screen so small,play video also need magnifying glass la!

The main struggle is that Ipod's have better quality and style, while Samsung stuff has Bluetooth, and bluetooth earphones are wonderful! imagine a world free of annoying wires hanging all around. So i can gym or exercise (If I ever Do)

So let me know your opinion. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

s5 is available in 4gb and 8gb...duh