Friday, 18 January 2008

Lao zha Bor


OMG this is sooo hilarious and Soooo KIUT! Cute Keeeeuut!

I'm a Hokkien family background by race, so I do speak and understand hokkien quite well.
However, being brought up in MALAYSIA, and then in a predominantly western environment.
I find everything in Hokkien just seems much funnier!

imagine my bobbing head and painful belly laughs when I found this site.

She is seriously sooo cute! she is a Singapore actress/calafare that (I think) was casted in most Jack Neo's Movies. like " Just Follow Law"
I recognize her, therefore she is considered famous.

This is a sample of her blog post:

Going for Audition


My manager just called me for an audition. They are looking for senior citizens for their next movie! She asked me to bring along my friends..... Mmmm.... who should I call?

I think I will bring some friends whom I've met in the Karaoke Session.

How about you? Does your Ah Ma or Ah Gong want to act? You can call J Team at 6742 9566 to arrange for an audition appointment. They need people from 50 yrs old and above.

They will have an audition tomorrow from 11am to 5pm. Come'on! Bring your grandparents to this audition! They want typical senior citizens who can speak good dialects.


eiyer,Such cute Lao Zha Bor-ness. In english,Lao Zha Bor that translates to old woman/Old Lady. But hokkien always sounds crude n rude, so it should be more closer to Old Hag.


~Giggle Bonus~

Click*click* clickl*

Hokkien so rules!

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