Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Leo Burnett

As quite a few of you know, I've been interning at the rather Prestigious firm, Leo Burnett.
I got this internship,not by my credentials or resume. But by my connections and luck

Yes people, life is unfair...Deal with it.

Now let me give you a piece of the inside story. Let's take a tour~

Everyday,I come to Menara Olympia and go up five flights of escalators.Then I enter the white tunnel

after that, take a left and come face to face with the daily morning checkup point.

make sure clothes fall neatly on you, face still intact.
step to the left and come face to face with my work station.

Welcome to my office..I sit right next to the two big directors and the backdoor exit (frequently used to escape work n go shoppin)
I sit right next to Nafisah AKA Naf Naf

We are also known as
Children of the Ghetto, The Isolation room,Far away World
But I like it, I can nap peacefully,near the toilet and pantry

I still remember when Naf told me how the toilet signs were so freaky~ It goes like this

Naf loves to smoke a.k.a Burn her lungs with a stick, So we had to find out where this haunted area is... to my surprise,it was just an ordinary place.
We love to hang out there now

Another quirk of our office is totally unexpected to me.
THe cleaning Kakak would always come to warn me not to leave my food out or the "Musang" will come to steal it.
Innocently I thought they meant someone in the office is greedy and steals food.
It came as such a shock when there was actual proof right outside of Yasmin Ahmad's office that a Fox "Musang" had actually left a footprint at the crimescene.

It ate the chocolate Naf gave to one of the art directors.
SO cool right.

ANyway, that's it for this time's tour of my office.
Come back soon.

Bimbo Info! : Cousin Li Tim may be coming back to KL!
Find out more at http://www.litimkoh.blogspot.com/

Oh my god! I actually typed this before checking his blog. I just opened it to copy the link and found his latest post.such shocking things. seriously.
Like wow~

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