Monday, 14 January 2008


Last week, after a night out for Drinks at Tiffin Bay in Bukit Bintang then A scream-your-throat-raw session at the Pavillion Red Box Plus+

Me,Tim,Natalie,Winson,Alwyn,Ivan,Michelle,Markus,Julie & her friend were the guest of the night.

Then we went over to Lotus Mamak which was behind the ampang park LRT station.
Markus drove a few times with no parking in sight, and decided to park in this dark carpark that was dodgy and scary.

I got out of the car thinking :
" Hmm, should I take my bag along with me?? Or should I put it in the boot like I usually do?...Aiya such scary dark place,No one would be able to see it anyways. I better get outta here before we all get raped."
(glances at Markus... )
"not that some people would absolutely hate it..."
We left the carpark with the creaking construction crane above us casting an eerie light.

Then , we left for a long group chat at Lotus that lasted 3 hours extra. There was entertainment as well as we saw 2 DRUNK ladies strangling each other in the car, pulling at the hair, bitch fighting. while a guy jus stood and stared.

Then we all dispersed to call it a night. And when I reached the car, I was shocked as i realise the glass of his passenger seat's window was shattered all over the ground.

I Can't Believe iT! I was ROBBED!

Damage Report:
500 Gig Hard Drive
60 Gig Hard Drive
Sony Mp3 player
Harry potter hardcover book
Winson's cool new pretty Organizer which was a gift to me
My sunglasses and eye mask
80 bucks worth of computer software (yet uninstalled)
House keys
and my address was inside the bag.

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