Thursday, 31 January 2008

I'm Aging!

There's something about going through New years', and then immediately celebrating Chinese NewYear a month after that makes me feel

1998 2008
Look at what time can do to you....or Chow Yun Fatt

Eiyer why does ten years make people look so Pai Kua? (Bad to look at - Hokkien)

Recently, there has been an epidemic of really badly dyed hair.

Such ultra fugliness!
I saw this lady who had duck-shit green, faded red and dried bleached hair all just vomited over her head. Super Chow yong lor.

I don't mind dyed hair if it's done well.Even multicolors could come out nice.

Maybe something like this would actually look really funky. But then when it starts to fade, I sooo have to go bald!

But NOT that whole "I'm trying to be Sungei Wang's mascot cum Clown's wig seller."

I haven't blogged properly since i left my sweet internship at Leo Burnett.

Miss the whole gang there.
I'm so glad it turned out so super well for me.

Luck is truly on my side.
or should i say,


It's now one week more before I fly off to Melbourne again. Time is really a sprinter.
No place to live yet....
Please someone out there, spare this poor soul a place to stay, or get out of your house so I can rent it (to my readers in Melbourne)

A small update on my chinese new year, which I endearingly call


This will just be a silent movie *insert your own choice of chinese music now*

Event: Mom's side of family gathering and Teresa's Birthday!

Event: Father's side of Family gathering (the huge One!)
The biggest Lou Sang ever! Two huge plates and FIVE ROWS of people surrounding it!
There was 30 over people there surrounding the table.
Event: Open house at Captain Mark's (the pilot)

It was Shaza's Virgin Chinese New Year celebration!

My first traditional wear~ And my face looks as red as an Ang Pau too.

Super satisfying holiday.
~Till the Tide Turns~

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