Sunday, 17 February 2008


Life is like a computer program.

We live as we are taught to, programmed by our DNA, our conditioning, our parent's teaching.

Once in a while,it's good to reboot your whole system.

Take a good look at your life, delete the things you don't like, install the things you do. We have the power.

I, however, am FORCED to this. This is because my hard drive was stolen and my whole Computer has just been reformatted. You really have to get out of your comfort zone when the things you always had disappear in a blink....or in a click.


My last week here in KL is like a big computing task. As if everyone were trying to run Photoshop, while playing Solitaire while watching a movie and rendering a 3D model at the same time.

And I only have 256mb ram. (I know I'm talking like such a nerd now.)

Anyway, my most hectic day involved waking up in cousin's house in Kepong, going to my old school in Cheras to get some documents to apply for a scholarship, then driving down to Ampang to change contacts, to Subang jaya to fetch Sean, to Sunway to fetch Markus, to Klang to play Badminton, to Sunway to pick Shaza and JT, to Tropicana for valentine dinner, to Titiwangsa for Bai Ti Kong (prayer to Sky God), to home to drop mom first, then to sunway to drop JT n Shaza, to Home FINALLY.


on a lighter note, let's talk about the wonderful Valentine's day. I usually abhor Valentine's day.
I imagine little twisted poison arrows stabbing through every little heart I see.

But this year's Valentine was quite sweet as My dad gave me a table to invite my friends to.
I asked "Markus, JT,Shaza,Tim and Alia" *based on convenience and availability

I was glad Tim brought a camera as Teresa had asked me to take more pics for her to see.( cuz she couldn't come so she wanted to see)

However,here are the only 3 pictures Tim bothered to post on facebook.

40 pics in that album he posted. Featuring 2 events .One with his friends, one For the Valentine's Dinner:

For the Valentine's dinner:

Only THREE survived.
(that means 37 of the other event)

Only ONE where I appear.

(plus I look drunk and fucktarded anyway)

Sometimes I think "WHAT"S THE POINT!?, I'm not gonna come out anyway.Tim's just gonna put all his pretty pics and we all will look like deformed donkeys in it."

Aiya tiu, mega fuckatitis. I don't even have any other pics of that event lor.
Since I don't have pics of the dinner to show you guys, I'll just post Tim's wonderful selection of photos la.

~ yay~ Isn't it great that we have Tim's pictures as a consolation.
By the way I really don't know who these people are and where are these places, but on facebook , they are tagged as Chryseis Tan, Derek Derek, Yi Von and of course - Dear Koh Li Tim

Thank you for listening to my bitch fit.

(and I'm already being nice)

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