Saturday, 23 February 2008

Before The Flight

To those who are yet in the dark, I have already arrived in Melbourne and doing well

I have even found a place to stay and I'm in the process of moving in.

However, I'd like to rewind the clock and bring you back to the last week of my malaysian holiday.

Valentine's day was also Pai Tin Kong nite as I previously mentioned in my post. So now i understand the importance of my OWN camera and not relying on others, I took plenty of pictures then.

This are my creations using the night lights of KL.
I call this collection - A Trick of the Lights

I call this Neon Lime Wings
(previously picture of car radio)

Voltage Surge
(previously street lights)

(blue fairy lights on trees)

Space Invaders
(was the signboards on the street)

Strains of Chains
(blue street lights)

Then I reached my old haunted ancestors home.
where we began the ancient chinese ceremony sacred to Hokkiens expecially.

I was glad to have brought JT and Shaza to witness it.

Ancient Hokkien's were saved on this day,
Giong Hee Giong Hee.
Wa Lang Hokkien Lang jin jia Ho Mia!

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