Saturday, 14 May 2005


See my Yafro Moblog

i love this thing.Yafro anyway,bad luck has been followin me suffer!! two days ago i went to pay my Samans (traffic Summons) at hai kai near central market.^everyone make sure u go there to pay!they r givin 30% discount! i saved 90 bucks jus goin there.immediately after i left i had to change lanes to turn left..i cut a police motorbike without knowing! when i saw him in my mirror i almost had cardiac arrest!manda was in the car and she saw him pointing at my car waving his finger and mouth moving fast.He turned on his beacons and drove to my side.i thought (chibai! i just paid onli immediately get saman again??).I stared at his ugly old liver-spot ridden face worriedly. he turned on a speakerphone on his bike and shouted "kulikamajijijai !@&#^$**% tahu?" well actually all i heard was the last word which is 'tahu' cuz the windows were was funny,kinda like he wanted to sell tau fu or sumtin.then he passed away...LOL i accidentally said tat to manda when i meant passed by.NEX DAY~ class is over and i walk to my car,a piece of paper was stuck to my wipers.(cannot be a saman,I paid till 1.30)i picked it up n...yes it is a saman for 80$!!!fuuaarrk!i look at my dashboard n see tat my ticket has been overturned.So unfair! i paid n do nothing wrong oso kena saman!thank goodness winson drove me to the MPSJ building while i was just too stressful.then winson oso helped me write the letter of appeal so now i have to wait one week b4 i know if another 80$ has been blown away by the wind.TODAY~ i was in the mood for some fun but everyone had to go home,so BLAH. so i tot might as well head home n offered winson a my horror,the parking ticket was gone!!i retraced my steps.searched up n down,round n round,sky n ground, but it couldn't be found!finally i jus gave up n went to the counter,horrified that mebe another 30$ will be ripped out of my wallets.thankfully he onli charged 3 bucks!yay!heart not so pain liao.Winsons theory is tat i Fahn Tai Sui this year.chinese calendar where i offend the gods due to my birthyear of rabbit.such unreasonable gods,jus get offended like tat.I'm not sure wat it is but i've been thru this period b4.a time when all hell just decides to pick me for target practice of curses n bad luck.the last time:i lost my wallet,lost my pencil box,almost got kidnapped,got lost,blamed for sumone's fault,lost keys,head splitting headache and more i can't really remember.the pattern is tat it seems to come together.i know they say bad things come in three but this is like a Grand sale of bad luck n they threw it all on me.this time is mainly on my car.this time:2 samans,tire punctured twice,car almost repossesed,engine died,lost car ticket and mainly car problems...hey i think the car is cursed...haih my life is just a practical joke.blah

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