Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Bridge Partners or Self made family?

All I can say is, I'm loving them and Skype Conferences. The funny thing about Skype conferences is that it only gets engaging when there are more than 2 ppl in the conference. Or It might just be me.

So for now,it feels like Self-Made family.

I'm pretty lost with my project works and financial situation, which in turn make me not wanna go out at all. So I'm just placing myself under house arrest and try to be productive too.

So I have been working on becoming connected online, raising my online presence. I plan to create a drag queen persona to create hype, scandalousness and gossip material, these things get passed around alot.

plus I believe I have the skills to make it work.

Don't believe me? Fine I'll prove it.

Oh My Goddess! I know I'm so wonderfully gifted and smart and funny and should be crowned the next pharaoh of Egypt.... ..wait those are not crowns!

I will be tudung-ed / Head-scarfed / snake hooded as the next Pharaoh! yay!.

I just got myspace! and it is not that bad, feels like a cross between blogs and facebook. Will let you know more, PS subscribe to my Twitter feed! EX-Oh-EX-Oh! cacatgirl.

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