Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Just A Thought

My reply to my friend, Derrick's very open and insightful musings. It is not like him to be so frank, but I like it.

My reply:
I consider myself an explorer of both thought patterns. When I was in Primary School till mid of Secondary, I was an observer that internalized what I saw and rationalized. Since then till Last year, I’ve been the one who acts, externalized emotions and downsized thought.
In both sense, drama is omnipresent. It is simply the paradigm from which you see it. When you look out for something, the more often you find it.
I doubt that there is a stable balance to anything. I think in nature and in the basic pattern of the universe; it is always more of a wave. A flux between two extremes that continually repeats. Change is the only constant.
Its like standing on a boat out at sea. The harder you try to hold your stance, the more likely you will fall. It you allow yourself to sway to the rhythm, you’ll have a better ‘balance’.
Just a Thought~ Royce.


Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

absolutely!~ :)

derrickflc said...

can't we stand on a bigger, more stable boat? perhaps a fully staffed luxury cruiser with 24/7 entertainment and an orgasmic buffet spread. then all our problems will be solved. =D