Monday, 14 September 2009

Why do these things happen to me?

I can't stop the way fate loves throwing strange and unusual punishment
Look at my recent bill that I've received from AGL (Australian Gas and Lighting)

I received a gas bill for a whopping 1540.08 Aussie dollar!

What on earth happened in my unit to cost 1540$ worth of gas used? Have I been breathing gas and slowly dying for the past 2 months?

And the Ironic highlight of the story.

I am using an electric stove.

Yes people, I don't even use gas. Yet, i am charged a thousand five hundred for my non-existent amenity. Bloody bastards.

I called the help hotline immediately, but apparently they don't support the use of foreign work slaves and child labor, so there was no one to pick up my call on the weekends. I had to stress about it for 2 full days before I could call in.

They finally verified that they billed me for the whole BUILDING'S use of gas. WTH! can we say it with me. WAT THE HELLL! AGL! WTH! AGL! WTH!

They had to put me on hold twice before the issue was finally resolved. I reckon they should give me a 1500 dollars worth of credit and let me use my electricity till kingdom come.

Sigh, this must be karma for walking out of a restaurant without paying.In my defense, it was cause their food sucked and their service was corpse-like. I shall not reveal the name in case the grumpy witchdoctor looking manager comes looking for me. It is one of Melbourne's most awarded cheap eats restaurant ;) avoid it ppl.

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