Thursday, 21 February 2013

TG = Tiong Ghim = The Great

This is my Superego talking or perhaps I am brushing up against a Muse of inspiration.
I realize that the human population has just gone digital and the power of the internet to preserve our thoughts and ideas till almost forever puts me in awe.

In the context of time, I have to consider that in a few hundred years from now, someone might be collecting information on the idiosyncrasies of the 'old internet' and can still stumble across my blog long after I'm dead.

By then, Neo-english would be a complicated blend of digital references, but they will probably have advanced translators to interpret my words.

I have decided to add the initials T.G. to my name when I write because it signifies my heritage = Tiong Ghim.

It also signifies my aspiration to hopefully be amongst the ranks of The Greats.
You know, like:

Catherine The Great, Alexander The Great, Ashoka The Great... and more =

The price of that title is surely heavy though. I am scared of the commitment and sacrifice it takes to earn the title. Those who with the honorific were great conquerors or rulers.

Power & Influence are very seductive abilities. Being one of the greats requires one to earn and then maintain their reputation. Most have rewritten history in their favor, awarding themselves with the title.

There is a poetic beauty to be remembered as :Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Sir Arthur Pendragon.
Each name and title paints a mythical figure of awe.

I desire such a legacy yet struggle with what that says about my ego.
Doing a good thing to be remembered and doing a good thing to feel good are 2 different intentions.

Perhaps I need to concentrate on being a great individual first and a great community member before I tackle Great legendary figure. Just...great...

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