Thursday, 6 June 2013

I WANT: To Be Adept in the Art of Writing.

I WANT: to be adept at writing.

I WANT: to start finish a fiction novel based on the drama of my family tree's history.

I WANT: to create sculptures of a very interesting material that can capture the imagination.

I WANT: to create lots of really good, self edited, hi quality videos, in a few buttons.

I WANT: to make how-to guides on specific ways to take advantage of the internet through piracy 'data-sharing'

Desires to Delay

I WANT: a world that has no such thing as a login, but we are all already constantly connected to the internet.

I DO: ?

This is my attempt at Strange writing.. it's not the flowery words of creative writing, it is meant to be an uncomfortable glance at my desires. It's the loud desire that carries a soft, sketchy description, to show how easy it is to WANT, but how few of us dare to visualise it. And only ? of us do it.

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