Thursday, 26 December 2013

Royce's Dawn of the 21st century Report- Christmas 2013 Dear Future.

Dear Future,

It is Christmas 2013 and I am reporting from the 21st century.

In the globalised times, A crashing of culture has yielded a very aggressive lifestyle.
I have just returned from the city centre, Bukit Bintang and it's shopping centers.

Huge signboards of neon tubes glare whilst even brighter headlights flare at bypassers.
The streets are crowded to dangerous levels and the transport system undergoes city-wide remodeling, putting every citizen's life in peril.

I was on the monorail, and the train was so late that the escalator became congested, and when people got to the top, they could no longer step off, then it seemed like a factory of humans about to get meat-grounded... falling backward and getting 'chunked' on the spiky steps.

People screamed and then everyone spread out on the platform.

No one died. Many psychologically disturbed.

I  looked at the hot and bothered faces of the people. There was general concern.
We are a long way from mastering any efficient mass transport system that can be safely implemented with convenience.

The malls were full of shoppers, everyone spending illogical amounts because the gifting tradition has huge corporates pumping advertisers, marketing and research teams to do so.

Digital gadget prices are dropping faster, and accessories diversifying, with an all time high consumer affectation for it.

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