Sunday, 28 March 2004

You know wat sux. Its tat it feels like this SPM year is so in the way of everything i want to do.(think about ur future Royz, work hard Royz`)all this advice is so useful,if only i care... and it still itches my ears to hear them.I guess im too playful..SO anyway, if anyone got anythin fun to do,tell me alrite. Im just sick of feelin like Ive got nothing else to do in life. Sumore afta SPM they're gonna make us go to NaTiOnAl SeRvIs, POOR LUKE! i read in the newspaper,they recovered a sort of diary from one of the hostages at NS that the trainers there suck,they dun let u out of the camp compound (like still small kid)and they waste ur life there! I pity ALL who r in NS. I WANT TO THROW FIREBALLS AT THE IDIOTS WHO CREATED NS! FREAKIN FOOLS!

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