Saturday, 29 May 2004

Well,holidays are here.On teacher's day was the ending season finale episode from the teenage drama series> (Royce's Reality) yes i practically live in a movie series. On this episode i hosted the teacher's awards and there was a big hoo ha on everything. but i was damn tired out from stayin up late to bake cakes. CRAP! i even paid 25$ for the ingredients which im supposed to claim back from the whole class!which i havent n i dun think its easy having to be a loanshark.It was shown tat my results r still bad but has improvement.This season didnt end properly as we still have to wait to find out if everyone will return back to normal afta a switch in the feng sui of our class.It was really weird how everyone's personality kinda changed when we moved class.realli a twist of fate.well it'll be a two weeks break before the show starts stay tuned from the next episode of (((RoYcE's REALITY!)))

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