Saturday, 1 May 2004

You sows are such hard asses to know what? screw you! i like the background.ill change it when i feel like it. oh ya,thank u for visiting my page. i hope you ppl like it that im clear cut n straight out.

anyway.I heard a story that is like Moral..., a guy was walking back home and on the way,he spotted somethin brown on the road.
he went in for a closer look.,it looked like shit...but he was not sure. he looked closer, it really looked like shit but he still wondered. he then used his nose to smell it.GOSH! IT StINKS! sure smells like shit. but he just couldnt be he used his finger and took a nice bit of it and put it in his mouth. MAN! IT IS SHIT!!!! he was relieved and said "Thank god i didnt step on it."
The story is like moral because moral lessons are SHIT!

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