Saturday, 26 June 2004

and we r back once again for a more cooled down episode...
well this weekend i shall start my driving lesson.hopefully i can hurry up and pass the thing so i can DRIVE! but its not like ill be free to drive around.SPM is jus the biggest S (ass) in life~ oh i feel like complaining. my mom is soo OUT. she dun let me use her laptop cuz she say virus will attck.PLEASE~ u think the virus have brains meh? we areadi hav anti-virus program.she has such a good laptop n she jus uses for 1 program. her thing got like free 80% of the memory space n she dun allow u to install anythin. yes we must leave space in the computer so tat the computer chips will be comfortable.GOSH! this week jus fly without anytime for life,good things r tat mr aaron hav to cheng the add maths class pizza cuz he failed to lose weight! haha. ok ok enuff. dun giv too much away. see u nex time MUAH~

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