Monday, 6 December 2004


Yeah SPM over..nowadays im working for my Aunty at her chocolate making home business.I love seeing all the chocolates.YUM,i get to eat those deformed ones,but they taste as good.holidays has been JAM-packed. my whole months is booked SOLID..n if i got free time oso i will fill it in.on friday,me and cynthia went to midvalley n jus had a blast!it was great cuz we did wateva we felt like doin.she jus sed "feel like eatin sushi" n we went.wateva we see tat we like..WE BUY! jus blow the cash like *snap*.it was soo spoiling ourselves.then today is outing wit christle and Jen ne.Its been so long since i seen Jen ne,She's so cool la.We think alike too.It was so funny.anyway,HTBT=have to be there, kind of ting. soon. me cyn n manda will be goin on a CRUISE!! shalalala.such business. AND to the class of's a hint tat there's a PARTY comin soon...MERI KURISUMASU..i mite be goin japan to further my studies.

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