Tuesday, 25 January 2005


i feel moody so i shall write.
Wandering Wonderings
Sometimes i feel joyful as a sunrise,sumtimes i feel sad as a flightless bird.
I sometimes wish and want things that are near impossible,give it all up ;then try to rebuild all that i've lost again.
I've walked the darkness and shadows of my soul.Shone with the pure light of positivity.But all these are only baby steps in the travels of life.
I stare into the air and dream.I remember my past that is now gone forever,I imagine futures that may never be.but it feels like walking on water and holding onto air.
I try to explain to everybody,but how can you explain something you don't understand yourself?
Hopefully one day my mystery will be solved,maybe....the answer was always there.unnoticed as we rush thru our lives so quickly. ~ROYCE

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