Saturday, 11 June 2005

Allo everyone! its been such a long long time!! I HATE IT! my home still doesnt hav a phone line! for two months liao! can sumone else go n complain for me?stupid Telekom jus say 'sori no more lines.'im thinkin, ur the biggest phone company in Malaysia n u hav no phone lines even after 2 months?r u using those phone lines to tie ur shoelaces or wat,how can dun hav.Anyway been ultra bz lately. no time to sleep at all.I've been to FIR's concert that day,n i think i saw my old classmate from primary school, i tried calling out her name but she didnt she went off. I sumtimes wonder if these things r meant to happen.mebe i was supposed to talk to her bout sumtin...winson is here...he is being a busy body...i've come to a point in time where i just live for the moment.i no longer think much bout past,or future. i think its good. hmm.. i feel like saying sumtin funny.but cant think...
well... there was a cat that crossed a fell into the river n got wet..the chicken laughed. What is the moral of the story?
ans= When there's a wet pussy, There's a happy cock.

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