Thursday, 1 September 2005


oh no !!! third term is abt to start! im so scared of it actually. but art college is like playing onli lor. When i look at other ppls work, i really feel like im in the wrong so messy at everything but ican think of ideas;.so i feel like i want to get sumone to be my personal "drawer" i jus say it n they do it for me.But usually it comes out,merdeka was so lame. sumtimes i dun even feel like part of this country.i jus feel its a day they go n fahn tien n throw fireworks all over the place. WAh i tell u,the whole road to klcc those malays jus park at the side n watch fireworks. so siau n causing massive traffic jam. they r so not like us, i jus sit in the BMW with the open roof stand up n watch the show from a nice far much better n clearer.N high class. so pls learn from me.

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