Thursday, 15 September 2005

mid autumn

And so the Autumn Winds blow.. yes its the mid autumn festival (zhong chiu jie) where children used to take beautifully colored lanterns and walk around at night and gather to listen to Grandpa's old legends.For us it was once a time to see who had the coolest firecrackers.I love those fountain types tat wuld spew flaming streamers into the air. and the bee that wuld fizz into the air in wild spins.I oso enjoyed lighting up the local playground with candles and watching the beautiful full moon that seems so close tat u can pick it out of the sky and give it to tat sumone special u r sharing the nite with.So this friday will be the lantern festival nite n my college will be having sum kinda event. i promise i will post sum photos.anyone interested can gimme a call n meet up at my college on 16th of sep 2005. 6.30pm .cya.,

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