Tuesday, 15 November 2005


So manda's sister had a party and manda was allowed only 5 ppl so it was me,Jonathan,Rick ,Jun Yuan,Mike and Amanda herself of course.Cyn came later.The party was short and sweet.I wanted to play Saint or Sinner( with working lie detector)!!we played but it wasnt fun cuz we were all too innocent and sinless.after the party and they left,i stayed for a game of Rummy and Mahjong...then Charades with new frens which r michelle's frens! then went home and woke up by ...TIM? yep Tim was at my hse the whole of yesterday,but i was too tired out to do much.then today suddenly manda decides to shock me with the visitation of Serene and Jun Yuan..so sudden!sowish! never tell me first!oh well i think it turned out ok except i had to go down to KL for sumtin tat was canceled so i wasted three hours goin down n back again for nuthin.yep..another average weekend for Royce. eventful and tiring.But happyfying,.,thanx Yeejenn for da moral support!really helped calm me down.And Sook Ee for literally being there for me.

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