Monday, 27 March 2006

Swim in the moonbeam

I went with Rachell to swim after the club meeting. I loved submerging myself in the water.completely surrendering my body into a world where all is slowed and we fly.

I realised that even though i love water.I'm certainly lacking in the swimming ability.Rachell did her frog-style really well.And we laughed alot. I felt that this swimming thing strips off more than just clothes.It strips off what you thought about others,It strips off the "mature" and "cool" front that you try to show others.It's a practice that has begun with the beginning of time.Swimming.

Then me and rachie went to eat and we watched the gymnastics together.It was almost like a meal at home or sumtin.It felt very comfotable.This is why I hope one day me and lots of frens can go on a trip to an exotique place and live in a home together.It really shows you different sides of ppl.I feel closer with rach areadi!

Clubbin time! Me and Rach then headed off to Nouvo with a galloping heart and legs that wanted to gallop. It was soo Tre Bueno! but in the end,The DJ was such a SUCK! A suck i tell you! URGH!DJ bashing time! This fat lard-larder was just smoking and walked in and out of the club! excusez moi~wat kind of dj is tat?why dont I just download songs and play them on a loudspeaker you fugly non-talented hobbit!(well he was more like a troll born by a Goblin who was raped by a demon) I hated the way he only put one hot song in ten he plays!

You can spot a sucky Dj by
1.The way he stretches one song for sooo long.-Rubberbands are breaking!
2.How he dresses! -this troll was truly heinous.Style of a dead crow.
3.He smokes while he plays.-Instead of filling the air with estatic music,he's filling it with lung cancer.
4.When somebody has to go tell him what song to play.-MAN is this troll from the Neanderthal stage?Not only does he seem clueless of the stellar songs now,he also seems not to understand the songs EVERYONE was requesting.braindead!

Anyway,nonetheless.When we were going to leave he must have been truly struck in the heart cuz he immediately changed his songs and played some good ones.The night was fun also because Rachie was there.Thanks so much Rach for your exquisite company.

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