Thursday, 13 April 2006

when the moon shines full

When the moon shines full

Have you ever noticed a certain pattern in ur life? For me,I've noticed that when the moon turns full,events tend to spiral into motion around me.When I looked back at the diary i used to keep,significant events were usually recorded with mention of a full moon night.In fact I think chances suddenly take a twist causing all sorts of events to happen.I think I have set several things in motion.But I'll wait till later to tell u guys.

Tonite,the moon is pregnant with i expected an event has happened.At first,I thought it signaled and end.My grandfather is in the hospital now with terminal illness.My friend's relationship seems to be near an end.Either could have took a turn for the worst.But instead,I managed to (in a small way) help my fren to rethink the relationship n to give it another chance.My grandpa seems to be still alrite in the hospital.Another problem im struggling with is the question....

Has my heart gone cold?

When I see my granpa on the bed,I feel detached without sympathy nor real sadness.This would have been alrite if onli i didn't c Rose cry! I was forced into a group prayer with my family...(praying = is a ritual tat Royce has not done in more than a year) and at the end of it,My parents and I were shocked to c Rose shuddering in tears.It made me wonder if my heart has really lost its ability to care.Im not heartless ok!its just tat im not at all close with my granpa.He's never talked to us b4.But bottomline is,I need to unfreeze my heart.Many of you need to do it too actually.Over years the heart hardens.So melt a heart today!Reignite your passion.

Something I conjured up in my drunken state=
cervical sermon
Inflected forms: pl.cer·vix·es or cer·vi·ces 1. The neck. 2. A neck-shaped anatomical structure, such as the narrow outer end of the uterus.
(Warning-Total Bullshit)
I kno. those salmons totally get uterus cancer all the time... this causes what we know as Salmonella.
The ella in salmonella represents Cinderella.Showing the obvious ties between her and Salmon. In Cinderella's younger days she had such cervix pet pet cancer that it caused deformity in her feet,which led her to do chinese foot binding. later this was the onli reason she got the prince. her damn shoe size was so small that no one else culd fit in her freakish deformed shoes.
of course it wasn't really glass slippers that she wore.It was because when people told others she had CHINA shoes.. they assumed China meant glass (check dictionary). unknowingly it meant China as in chinese foot binding shoes.In conclusion...Cinderella's dead now.

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