Monday, 10 April 2006

the week with 8 days

The week with 8 days

This week was seriously a great comeback from my moody days..but its sooo CHEESIN man!Exhilarating,Exciting and downright poisonous!

I have eight days this week cuz i didnt sleep for two nights!

Afternoon:I pulled off a over-24 hour outing TWICE this week.Starting from last Saturday,April Fool's day!So appropriate for the overdose of fun i felt.
In the afternoon,I went to One Utama to buy clothes with Rach and Ejian,Each of us got a plush ensemble from Zara.

Evening:I grabbed two bottles of wine from my dad,bought a bottle of Sangria and went over to ejian's for a cocktail rendezvous.we even had yummy Baskin&Robbins ice cream.Then Rach drove us to Liquid while we were drinking from wineglass! drinking and drivin with style!

Night: We've arrived at Liquid!And thanks to my pre-highness, I went straight to the dancefloor,Rach had an early wipeout and was already too high to stand!omg.Then I jus danced till 3am! even managing to get up on the podium to freaeak out!

3am-5am: Three of us met up with U-ming to yumcha at hartamas since ejian was hungry and we didnt want the nite to end yet.My feet were killing me!And we were all tired n haggard till u-ming suggested we go up to genting.It was like a whip across the back!PIAHK! I was energised and all for it!"YES!" So we jumped in my trusty bumper car and went up the mountain.

Sunrise:It was quite tiring to drive up there but thank goodness they didnt sleep or else we wuld never have made it up there..or even back from there.Poor rach and Ejian in their plush corsets and high heels,must have been half frozen.So It was soo breathtaking.And at my fav place too.The japanese garden where i cast a spell tat cleared the haze away.At the same time there was a storm at the other side,lightning flashed as the sky pearled into a rainbow of colors!gorgeous

Breakfast at TheFunnies: We came back down to eat breakfast and chatted soo much!cant believe we still had the energy to talk for hours,guessing each other's unused name,(english or chinese names)I was soo screwy in the head tat i came up with things like Fuckalita,Slutina,Orgasma and other Sowish names.But it was totally fun.till...U-ming suggested goin to the movies!

12 noon: So we had already bought tickets for a movie i reccomended.The producers.U-ming said it better not be some musical thing like Chicago.I didnt remember the advert about it saying its a musical,so i tot we were safe.then inside,(curtains move,lights off) actors starts singing,SHIT its a musical!but it was still quite funny.the movie finished at 2 sumtin

there,a full-blown outing and i slept 17 hours after tat.But it was life-affirmingly,mind blowinly fun!

the rest of the week was oso filled,Goin swimming with Rach again,meeting up wit Jonathan,karaoke,and like my mind oso blur liau.

On friday nite ,After coming back from this strange performance art place tat i brought my club to see.I got a call from Cynthia,And yes we chatted for like siau record time!1am till 5.30am We planned that we wuld jus wait till 6am then go jogging!(omg cyn joggin?tats like ask my granma to do vigorous workout la)then we wuld eat Mcdonald's breakfast and go cybercafe and go to my class then shoppin! but cyn fell asleep and i called her again after i had already packed and Changed! so in the end we jus went for the McD breakfast onli,(love those mcmuffin with egg)I was so haggard and tired tat i needed Cyn to drive me to college.I was quite touched that she was so nice to do tat,like a driver like tat.But i tink its like first time she suffer so much for me!omg if all her admirers kno they wuld so wana kill me.So i went to class and stayed till 5pm to do project.on the way back i nearly killed myself again swerving on the lanes while nodding off.

When i arrived home i thought i could finally get some sleep! but i forgotten,Dinner outing for mom's bday!omg!Tim had already booked me the day before. so i had to wear my specs and just go la.I was feeling crappy and we met up to eat a fun dinner at La risata,We were the noisiest bunch as usual.Jono then called Tim and I to go i had to lie for Tim!I was like "we're gonna watch a midnite movie and then yum cha" I felt so wrong but for Tim's sake la.So it was still early and we went to jono;s hse to watch the simple life first.AHA loves it!Then off to clubbin!It was fun goin clubbin with my young cousin for the first time.But during the latter part when i had a few shots from some new frens.I went SIAU! me and Fiona started doin dirty dancing and i felt like an alien slut from another planet!talk about WHORING!but i had sooo much fun! cuz later when the musique stopped and we went down,it was raining! I danced in the rain!
this outing counting from my club meeting on Fri clocked in my non-sleep time at a whopping 40 hours!
Gorgeous week.

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