Saturday, 5 May 2007


Birthday Blessings

On My birthday, the lovely lady Samantha brought me out for lunch and we went to the sweetums Bakerzin. I sooo love their Coupe Cheesecake. It's like strawberries and cream drenched over a frozen mixture of ice cream and cream cheesecake. Gosh- such a culinary orgasm. Sam was really sweet cuz she drove!!! yay.. plus teman me shopping even though didn't get anything.

Ha we look drunk.

I wish to thank all the lovely birthday wishes. Especially Rachell's call from Aussie, Cynthia's wish from New Zealand, Mom's sms from Singapore, Teresa's picture message from England, Samantha got the first-birthday-call-to-me award at 12am. All the sms's and friendster comments and msn messages.Thanx Fiona for the advice and Tim for the joint countdown.ahha.

Mother Moments

Subtitles: Mom: "Ok I got a warped backside, can somebody hold it?"
Rose: "You know I never knew Auntie Swee li was Auntie Lily's daughter."
Mom: "Everybody was crying for her in the dinner."
Rose: "She died ah?!"
Mom: "Nola, Because she... in her soul she's dead."

(group laughter at dead soul)
Mom: "yeah, her husband died on her, and then she worry for her daughter,overdose. She's actually living jus for her daughter nia lor"

(toot..toot...toot sounds lost in tooting)
Rose: "oh she's the one with the bulky muscle man rite?"
(toot...tooot pulsating sounds)
Mom: " what are you doing?"

A picture of a cactus from Cameron

Nature's very own dildo...found by Ashlei! it's even got some mossy hair at the base.

And look at this crazy hooker dancer Faht Tien on the day Me, Chrystal, SamTan and Tim went to Ruums to club.

Tomorrow going to get belanja'd Bak kut teh! wooo! tata..drools. Seeya.

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