Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Froycetration - The Thrust of Frust.

(Listening to Ashlee Simpson's - In Another Life)

I'm once again trapped in my own roller coaster ride of high's and lows. I guess I've not updated often enough. Sometimes it's just difficult to cope with all the people you want to stay in contact with. I guess I want to do too much, too many responsibilities to fulfill them all. Currently it's 2 days from my birthday, 3.40 am in the morning..... And the moment has just past me by.

I dislike the flow of time.

At least I still have time to live, but I can't bear it when my life is deafened by the sounds of loneliness. My parents are pretty much strangers, they try to reach out to me, but they have not caught up in knowing the current me. For my birthday,my mom bought a durian cake, two weeks ago. To me, it just felt like she wanted to get my birthday over with so she can have her cake. I was quite hurt that she didn't remember I'd get heart burn from eating more than two lumps of durian. Oh well, at least my dad is taking me out to lunch tomorrow

The strange thing is, I don't really want anything from my parents...except a pet! ahaha
this my friends, is my new craving- the Sugar Glider

This cuddly cuteness is a marsupial that is sooo me. - nocturnal, loves sweet stuff, clingy,has five fingers and can glide. That is soooo me. lol. KYAAA. I want it la. To teman me on lonely nights when I'm stressing over assignments. At least i'll have it to lick my face and give me encouragement. sigh.. but my family is scared of small furry animals. WHY! it fits in the palm! such a cute harmless creature.

So ProFashional
I recently just went to the Moda Fashion Gateway Show at One utama, A real Eye opener at how our current fashion pioneers are doing. Over all, i still think we are heavily influenced by western styles rather than our own. The winner was an ugly cardigan spider web thing that wrapped around this corpse of a model. Fugly dou ah!

I didn't take any pictures of the winner in case my camera phone melts from such a horrendous display.

However,I do have pictures of these other Fiasco's

Just look at those spectators. classic *O* look

Tony oh Tony

You know one of those days when you have a craving to eat something good. well this was one of those days. A group of us,( Sam goh,Sam tan ,Jt and I ) entered the demesnes of mister Tony Roma. We sat down, and had 1 of the best ribs ever. I simply loved my grilled chicken and BBQ ribs. However, the meal had a hefty price. 60++ . crap! just to satify an urge. Oh well~

Foamy Party
In the past, Me & Shaz & Jt went to a Foam Party. It was super fun because it lasted two nites! The fun in suds was really outrageous. People were wearing swimwear and shaking their asses all over the place. I loved the time when they'd spray us with water from the balcony which made it feel like rain.

I've yet to blog about Cameron's too. But as May says, I could easily go on & on. perhaps I suld just summarise everything. It was Fun. end. LOL tat was short.
My thanx goes out to all those who went that made the trip all that much more eventful and memorable. I'll bitch about the worst meal in my life another time.

Bungles and Jungles, Mistakes & boo boos.
  • Lost wallet- found it after cameron's trip.
  • Left planner in friend's house.
  • Sent Mp3 player into washing machine- spoilt
  • Owe tons of cash to friends due to missing wallet
  • Gave wrong advice to friends- drama.
  • Ate loads of burnt food- contributes to my cancer risk.
  • Made several plans without planner- gonna be some trouble there
  • Didn't make any plans for my birthday- but still hopes it will be a happy day.

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