Saturday, 14 July 2007



Well, people, turns out my wishes did come true. I'm really going to Australia this July. I still feel like it's a joke. Unreal and fake. I had already let it go, that hope of going this July. Just when the fate of staying here for another 7 months sank in its bite on my heart, I get the shocking call from IDP telling me RMIT has allowed me to enroll this month. I jumped all over the place and made that breathless stupid voice (like those receiving an Oscar or Grammy) "Oh my god, I can't believe this. oh my gawd"

Well people, The condition given to me was that i must arrive by 27th of july LATEST. And my mother painstakingly pulled all her connections to get me a flight on 26th night. So imagine me in another 2 weeks time, running from the airport in the morning 7am straight to uni at 9 am. Probably huffing n puffing and all piglet-looking. urgh so not cool with jet lag face for first day of Uni.

blah, Life is drama.

Anyway this has been a blessing in disguise. If this didn't happen, I wouldn't have gotten my 1 and a half years of exemption. even though its been a whole dramatic event. It makes me more appreciative of this chance to go now.

So I will dearly miss everyone here, but I definitely am going with no regrets and a sure heart that things will b alright.

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