Wednesday, 18 July 2007


®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
let me explain here once n for all
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
there was miscommunication with RMIT
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
they thought I finished my whole 3 yr course
pop says:
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
I tot they knew i only completed 2 yr of my course
pop says:
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
last minute they realised n cancelled their offer
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
then I was pissed
pop says:
ohh i knew that
pop says:
isaac says:
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
I called back to make noise. n my dad's fren pulled some strings as well
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
so in the end. jus excactly a week ago. they called to tell me it worked out
pop says:
ur dad friends must be very good
®oŷ©ε - Rock & Rolls Royce®™ says:
so its a blessing in disguise. Because of this mistake im getting 1.5 yrs when im actually only gettin a years exmption

My last few adventures here has definitely earned it's place in my memories and the title of adventure. It's also one of a few firsts for me. A close encounter with the arms of the law, a romantic brush with a stranger and plays of jealousy. Yes- all the makings of a desperate housewives episode. I could almost disbelieve my own memories.

I hadn't realise that it was my season of Extreme Lucks again till I reflect on it now. It all started exactly one week ago from today on the 11th. A wednesday which jus refused to behave like a normal wednesday. I had thought to wake late, have a meal and drag myself to the gym. However…

11 July 07

The day had other plans for me. I awoke to see that I had 2 miss calls from IDP on my phone. I proceeded to call them back only to find that the lady was busy, so I left a message to call back. I went downstairs to have a long, lazy and time-consuming meal. I had not a care in the world~

I went back upstairs to see that I had missed her calls again and phoned back to have her busy AGAIN, and asking her to call back. AGAIN.

Around 4pm was when the drama started. My house phone rang, it was the post office reporting that the last batch of cargo I sent to Japan had arrived at a PARKING LOT!! My first reaction was to assume that my Aunt Candy had screwed up since she has just inherited the gig from me. Surely she's the one who made the mistake. But to my horror they told me it was sent by Royce Tan.

Smelly Cheesepie! I sent my uncle's cargo to a car park somewhere in Tokyo!

The lady asked me for the address which I had no idea how to give it to her since she only speaks malay and the address was given to me in chinese characthers. The worst part was that the cargo would get destroyed that day if it wasn't sent to the correct receiver.

OMG! 11 boxes of cargo! That costs above 5000 ringgit! Argh pharque!

To add to my confusion, while I was flustered about this mix up and wondering how to translate mandarin characthers of a Japanese address into an english address so I can emplain to this Malay lady! It was like (Sin Zuo Qu....ShinJuku???)

-when my handphone rang...

AARGH! annoying hell.Far Queue! I had to hear my handphone ring to itself,yet missing another chance to answer the IDP woman. I told the post office lady I'll get her the address by 6pm through fax and through email.

Finally when I got to call the lady back and told her to call me back one last time, I received the gobsmacking news from her. I could go to Australia this month! So I must hurry and go online immediately to print and fill out the offer response form, then scan it and mail it back to her.

BY 5pm!! Or I might not make it in time to get to Australia.Like how dramatic can a day get at home, well this is how

Needless to say, after screaming at my parents that I could go to Australia again. I had to rob my sister’s laptop,whom btw was stealing our neighbour’s wifi, thanks to dad who jus chose this most opportune of moments to forget to pay the bill!


After some Slam slam bam on the keyboard and turning the little corner of my parents room into a sudden office. I manage to meet both deadlines jus by the skin of my nose. Drama-Llama.

12 July 07

The next day was just filled with accomplishments. After months of waiting to get things done, on this day I managed to receive my COE (confirmation of enrollment), apply for visa, complete my medical checkup and book a flight on the same day! I can’t believe I couldn’t do it in months and suddenly in one day it was all done.

13 July 07

Friday the thirteenth is usually thought to be an unlucky day, but strangely this day turned out smooth as silk as I was surprised to receive a call from Shaza announcing her return on that day. Samantha had told me that Shaza was going to take another week before returning and she’d cancelled the clubbing date we had tat day. But it was a pleasant surprise that she returned that day. I brought her with me to watch Harry Potter in One Utama ~ Gold Class BABY!.

With large comfy reclining lounge chairs and a table where your order gets directly served to you, the experience was definitely a luxurious one. I loved how the pair seats are set far apart from each other so that we can make comments and talk during the show without being a nuisance to others.

At night, I picked Junn Tseng up and we went clubbing! The usual euphoria of being on the dancefloor was something that came to me that night. The highlight actually was the mamak session after clubbing. We had a conversation about the history of the world, Religion, the role of human in nature and why humans are not conducive to the natural environment, Differences between the Bible and the Quran. It was a spectacular waltz of thoughts.

_To be continued_

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