Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A week ago

A week ago

14 July 07

A week ago on Sat, an ironic twist brought me to the Acts Church in Summit Hotel. How is that ironic you ask? Well it’s because it was at the invitation of my Muslim friend, Shaza. Yes a Christian was invited to church by a Muslim. Ironic like Alanis Morrisette’s song.

She was in turn invited by her friend to the church because they were having a theme party. The theme was Back To School, and we had no idea till we wondered why was everyone in their uniforms. Her friend greeted us into the "school hall"

It was terribly nostalgic as they brought back childhood games like "batu seremban', "rubber', "Jumping rope', paper airplanes, bottle cap shooting and congkak. The place was set up to look like a school hall with a canteen serving free food to boot! The headmaster was the MC and it was a real kick to do that stand in line and sing negaraku thing, damn long never did it jor. The feel of being back at school was well emulated. it really felt like it used to on Teacher's day or one of those tidak apa days where like everyone is ponteng-ing. Shaza enjoyed herself and i can't help but think that she was getting a seriously warped look at the christian world. It just isn't THAT fun. The other weird part was seeing the One Academy tutors there. Felt weird since they probably didn't want to be seen...and neither did I. So we just continued our dunno each other act. Whatever.

By nighttime, I went to La queen at first for a clubbing session. But after being late as usual to qualify for the free entry "with sms', we drove off to Liquid instead.It was beach party night. Gosh what a day for themes.And once we entered the club, Well suffice to say it was the first time i got hit on. So blah- not worth going into details ok. Then to my surprise I saw a very familiar face that always comes on Tv adverts in Malaysia! His name is Bill I think. So surprising to see him there.


I think he was on that Cornetto Ice-cream ad. Aiya whatever la not like I know him personally. So the real story starts when the place got RAIDED!!! The Dj stopped the music, and I was annoyed thinking that it was some annoying group wanting to announce their birthday celebration. BUT soon in came the group of police in casual clothes asking for our IC! I panicked immediately because I knew Shaza forgotten to bring hers. But thanks to my ingenius fast working mind, I remembered that she had brought her bankbook which might prove her innocence. I calmly told the nice police lady the situation and she allowed me to walk to my car n get her the bankbook. So in the end, all's well that ends well.


Aiya due to my lack of ability to get a decent line to online with, I'm sorry but I have so given up on catching up on the past week or so. Let's just look forward. So I'll be leaving in two days, Things have been pretty packed...except for my luggage, which remains to be totally ready.

I'm going to leave at 9.30pm on Thursday night. Tomorrow night is my farewell dinner at Tropicana. feels surreal. Can't sink in that this is the last time I'm walking the streets of Malaysia for goodness knows how long.

I sound like I won't know if i'm coming back at all...well it's true, cuz i'm a person that follows the flow of my life, for example I never thought I'll be heading to Australia during the course of my last term. I only thought about it on my birthday, then goddess confirmed it for me through signs. So in future, who knows, i may have a call to a high paying position, with great perks and has all the job description of my dreams.

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