Saturday, 28 July 2007

Bye Malaysia

I thought that leaving would be easy, I thought I had already prepared a cool ice heart that learns not to linger on sad situations but always make it an optimistic one. That is why I continue smiling sometimes even though I’m sad. However, I didn’t think it would be so hard to leave Malaysia, I didn’t think my ice heart could be chipped -

On 25th July 2007,

I was asked by May to go College one last time to see the Shidios and my other friends one last time. I reached there late as usual, screeching my car to a stop at ‘Shidio headquarters’ popping out of the car with a latte in my hand and thing-amabobs in my other. I tossed the finished cup into the yucky trash can with finesse, and ran helter-skelter to class~ So reminiscent.

I was really glad to have gone that day, the lecture was on Thailand and the lecturer himself was living in Thailand. He related lots of funny stuff to us ,like how buddha’s hair is actually snails, how Anna and the king was complete bullshit and the very gay language of Thai.

After class, Sam goh, Chyrstal and May wanted to eat at sushi king but to my horror, I realize I forgotten to bring my wallet! So I apologized and hoped they excuse me from our last lunch together so I can ruch home, get my wallet and ruch to Tim whom I made a date with at 2pm (it was already 2.30). So I apologized over the phone standing near that yucky trash can in front of HQ, reporting that my wallet wasn’t in my car either… And then I realized that I could see the reflection of my wallet on the waters in the trash can, near my discarded floating cup of latte.

OMG! It’s not a reflection at all! It’s really my wallet! Siau Chee Buy I threw my wallet away and didn’t even realize it. I could have left to go home and this would have been happily cleared into the garbage! Drama Llama!

I gingerly stuck my hand into the murky waters and picked it out like holding a dead rat. Threw it on the lawn and hosed it down, Thinking to myself, gosh such a pure roycecology. As usual I got over it real quick and went on to have great sushi with them and a story to remind them that “THIS IS THE WAY ROYCE IS, REMEMBER ALWAYS”

After that, at 3.30 I had to plead with J.T and Ashlei to come with me to the Mage Café (formerly known as Settlers) so that Me & Tim had partners to play with. After much convincing, rushing to the post office to drop my parcel and the journey there. We reached at 4.30 at Mage café to an afternoon of superb fun! Just two and a half hours late. Such a Royce Signature. We played a new game which we enjoyed so much that it was suddenly 7.30 already – the beginning of my farewell dinner. I wanted to just continue, I mean there’s just gonna be a few people there eating a simple dinner, no where near as fun as this. But then it was a dinner for MY sake, so I had to go, I had to leave the game and meet Sam Tan and Shaz at Tropicana too. Later jelly J.T and sugar Ashlei confessed to me that they didn’t want to go earlier because they wanted to surprise me later by coming with Sam Tan and Shaza.

So Sweet lor! Can get Diabetes jor~

When I reached Tropicana just in the nick of time,Sweetums Sam Tan and Lovlay Shaza arrived. Right then, some of my relatives were arriving too, I told them where the room was, then ushered my friends in there as well. But I was so utterly unprepared to see what was in that room. I opened the door to see a room fully decorated with red ribbons and balloons, a large signboard at the front shouting “Royce Bon Voyage”, A mysterious veiled easel at the front, Bouquets on each of the four huge tables and a full-fledged buffet with ice sculptures and Sashimi!!! Lavish! Lavish! Overkill!!

I was so shocked that I bolted out of there after my first glimpse. Which was just when my cousin Andrea arrived, she looked into the room and commented “Wow, who’s wedding is it.”

I replied abashed “well, actually it’s my farewell dinner.” (sweat(-_-“))

I had no idea my dad tripled the amount of people he said was coming. I was expecting just a simple dimples dinner. But the great thing is, it tripled the ang pow I received…which became not so great after you change it into Aussie currency and divide it by three. But still, I’ve never had a party in my honour where even all my grand uncles and grand aunts even most of my Tan circus were summoned. The acrobatic Grandaunt, the largest tummy in the world, the clowns. It was a very touching party for me, it really made the fact that I was leaving sink in.

The rest of the dinner was very busy for me, as the star for that night I had to smile till botox was gonna leak from my cheeks.Chatting with everyone, accepting well wishes and oh-so-repeated advices. Tim, me and the gang were happily camwhoring all the way, (on stage, off stage, under light, with a fan) SO happy~ towards the end of the night, I had to give a speech and unveil the mysterious signboard. And after that a Karaoke session for our gang plus Andrea and her parents in Tropicana's very own pub and karaoke place,Havana. We sang our lungs out prancing here and there while outside, the rest of my Familia du Cirque were enjoying the hawaiian themed disco night. I think it was one of the happiest nights seen yet. I'm so happy to have such fun Grandrelatives~ activenya!

At the end of the day, Tim had to leave first, we hugged and said our last goodbyes. Me,JT,Sam,Ashlei and Shaza still wanted to make the most out of this day, so we went to William's Mamak one last time. We chatted and laughed, reminisce and joked. Ending the day like a beautiful ribbon on a lovely present. When Sam fetched me to my car at 3.30 am, we came out and stood there still relishing the last moments, and due to pesky mosquitoes we started wobbling jiggling and wiggling in the freakiest ways. t was like some kind of funky ritual. We embraced each other in a group hug,did it two more times while doing the funky chicken, and I hugged each of them individually. I can understand what Fiona means when she once told me about how you can really feel a real hug. That was the ending of the day that finally cracked my ice heart.

But no matter what, this day ranks up there with my sweetest of memories. Thank you everyone who called and sent your wishes. I deeply appreciate it. And I even really mean it.

(Coming soon- Australian Arrival!)

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