Sunday, 29 July 2007

Australian Arrival

Australian Arrival

On the 27th of July 2007, I arrived at 7.00am on a Boeing 777 on flight MH149.


2x7 = MH (14)9

7x7 = MH 1(49)

Yes, these are the things I was thinking about on my 7+ hour flight. I was placed strategically between 3 babies…3 opera singer wannabe babies. So I had plenty of time to think, very little time to sleep. So I thought about how Melbourne was a place that suited me so much while looking through the digital City Guide on the flight’s seat monitor. My name is Royce which means Son of A King (in ye olde English) and I shall be studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University; Shopping at the Queen Victoria’s Market, enjoying all these royal references. I hate getting hot and hate to drive and Melbourne is cool and designed for walking. It is also the Art and Food capital of Australia, and everyone knows I’m so totally the art and food capital of humans.

Touching down in Melbourne and going through customs was a breeze for me thanks to the ample warning of all my friends who’ve been through it. I found the man waiting for me as transport was provided by my Uni and was escorted to the car. Imagine my surprise when we stopped at a BMW 7 series to load my luggage. I totally didn’t think that free transport would be classy! So I was chauffeured straight to Rachell’s doorstep and to the sweet little temporary room she prepared for me. All throughout the journey I had a distinct out of body experience. Seeing Melbourne for the first time made me feel like the place was just a work of my imagination; with strange almost impractical structures stabbing out here and there simply for the sake of aesthetics seemed such a strange concept to me. I couldn’t help but compare that to home and think how different it was. I was gawking and shocking like a double ulu kampong boy. More Sia Sui then Xia Xue.

Rachell was so excited to see me even though it was so early in the morning. Without pause we got ready straight away and rushed of to do uni things. I laughed when I stepped out of the door and realized that it felt like outside was air-conditioned and inside was the normal climate. Most people here were saying that its so pharquing cold and such but it just feels like my bedroom at night. I absolutely love it; Just as much as my new Absolut Pears which I got at the airport. While walking down Russell Street pointing at every thing with the curiosity of a child I was so glad Rachell was there to explain everything and guide me. I gawked at seagulls happily crapping on beautiful installation art, at beautiful golden berries decorating the bare winter trees, at the traffic system so well-organized for pedestrians , at the variety of food stores and cuisines , at the flaming heaters instead of spraying coolers outside boulevard style cafes and the strange mix of old well-preserved Victorian buildings and metropolitan lots.

Within the day, Rachell had already brought me around most parts of the city, from Melbourne central to Southern Cross to DFO. I managed to see my new campus and study area, and enrolled myself with the help of the sweet kind staff here. I tell you, such a difference from TOA! The staffs here are sweeter than life compared to the sour faces and unwillingness of the Registrar and those people. It felt like we were instant friends and she helped me every step of the way. Even when later I thought I lost my passport and realized I left it at the counter; she was apologizing profusely for forgetting to remind me to take my passport. Like wow, she even takes the blame for my forgetfulness. Aiyo caramel la you! So sweet can get gingivitis.

Speaking of forgetfulness, it’s ridiculous how many things I’ve forgotten these days. Like when I forgotten I threw my wallet into the trash, I forgotten whether I had even brought it out in the first place, I forgot my car keys when I left HQ, I forgot I even brought the house keys for HQ , then I forgot to take my passport with me and finally just yesterday I forgot to bring my IC to crown so I couldn’t get in to the beautiful casino to try this huge ass cocktail! Grr so frustrated can cry lor! Furthermore we’ve already walked so far and Rachell and Eric wouldn’t go in because of me. Haih, at least we ended up having some nice desserts to cheer up o little.

Oh well, today is my third day in Melbourne and I haven’t even got out yet, but I’m excited as heaven because I’m already falling in love with the place.

I love everyone back in Malaysia. Keep yourselves healthy !

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