Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Wow it's barely been a week here yet but I've deeply immersed myself here. Or at least it feels that way. I am innately optimistic anyway, so I see all the things I love about Melbourne. But then again It could be selective thinking.

My first lesson was Philosophy. Wow was i in for a big change of study environment. Firstly it was my first class in this new country in this new world. Then hor, the lecturer was a total quack. I mean imagine that professor von ludwig duck in Duck tales or some disney cartoons and picture him in human form. and u get my lecturer. The slightly cockeyed,slow talking balding guy that questions his existence and wonders if we are just all a dream.

Anyway I made really fun new friends. Sasha and Rachel Thean, diffrent from Rachel Khoo. So we called one Titty and one Kuku. so fun. LOL

After class we went straight to a bar and had drinks from 3pm till 8pm. How salah is that! jus wooo splurge all over the place. And in that 5 hours we pretty much covered each other''s life experience already, including having a round of fun ghost stories and even injecting our views on religion into the conversation.

Anyway Rachel Titty just quit smoking yesterday. So she had such a royal craving for smokes that we had to get her some nicotine patches. So when we were buying some, we were all very ulu and wondering what to buy, so we asked what are the choices of nicotine patches we had, and were given the 16 hours one or 24 hours effect. So we asked the pharmacist like which should we get since it was the virgin time. We asked why and they told us that some people who use the 24 hours one and sleep get nightmares!.. We gave her this like "are you Kidding!!?" look and she just like "yeah, it's true. But some people only."
Me and Sasha look at each other and I said I know what to do to take revenge on people, just like "Heeeeeeeeeeey!" (palm with nicotine patch attached pats the back of ur enemy).. yeah ha ha... (fake smiles abound). Then as you go off,make sure you add a "bye, Sweet dreams!"

Lawl I'm so pet pet. Oh yeah Fi and Hwpet pet brought me to this yummy yummy japanese noodle place and then brought me to play slot machine. suh bad influence. LOL .but loves it.

Some pictures of Melbourne I finally uploaded. damn la
Peach Bellini at Greco's in Crown's
RAch and Me General Camsluting

Being ulu and jakun and uncivilised. Like never seen brands before

Starring in a Pixar's story, Honey I Blew Up My Balls

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