Sunday, 5 August 2007



I have never felt soo satisfied. the rush of feelings inside me. Every sense overloading till it threatened to push me over the edge.

My hand shivered from it, I couldn't think at all. Just to stay still was impossible as gasps of excitement escape my lips. my eyes roll in my head as I find some spot of heaven within myself. The pleasure I felt was so close to pain, so overwhelming it became part of me. It became the whole of me. I gave in to it and it flooded me.

As I reveled in the last of its hold on me. Lying there breathlessly on the couch, I could only replay the whole thing over and over in my mind. I thanked Goddess for the existence of such gratification. And wondered if I had died at that moment, I would die a happy person.
I could no longer here anything but the beat of my own heart and feel the rush in my veins.
I had fallen in love again.

I got up to sing to my love one last time.

"I-eee-Ai-eeAI!, will alwaays- Loove YOU hoOOO~!" (Whitney Houston's) and took one last look at my love before I threw the remains of my new love into the dustbin. Yum.

She was the best chicken I ever had.Kenny Rogers and Nando's can drop dead! the humble roasted chicken from Safeway Supermarket kicks their ass. Even better than the Chiii Keeen back in college..if you know wat i mean.

Speaking of food, I've been testing my culinary skills. It felt so fun when me and rachell first made our very own meal. I made salad and mozzarella on portabello mushrooms. Here are my results!

my new number +61433662177 (international call) 0433662177 (local call)

For your info I just got my new phone and number as well. My new phone is a Nokia e65. I sooo hearts it's voice recognition funky smartening thing. I just say the name of any of my contacts and it will figure out who I wanna call! so fcuk cool lor!.

Finally I'm happy to announce that I've gone clubbing for the first time in Melbourne already. Alcohol is wonderfully cheap here. yay! god bless Melbourne. don't hesitate to gimme a call whenever you guys can. Tata!

Cheers Mate!

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