Saturday, 11 August 2007



I went to JAIL!

Truly I kid you not.I went to jail,was shut into a cell with cell mates,shown the torture treatments and even brought to the gallows! except not in the usual sense of going to jail. LOL, I went for a candlelight tour.

It was dark and cold of night. People gathered in a circle as the lights of the whole building was turned off. People huddled together against the shadows, as if it would penetrate flesh. I was with three other friends. We'll call them Pei pei, sue and number Six to protect their convicted, guilty identities. Sue and Pei pei held each other trembling staring at the single candlelight in the center of the group. My own heartbeat fought the sounds of breathing around me. The guide told us to stay in the group and not to stray lest we be lost here forever...and he left.

Sue whimpered, Pei Pei held onto Six tightly. Cell doors slammed from afar towards us. Everyone stared in the direction of the sound. The sound eventually showed it's creator, an old man with shadowed eyes holding a candle. Assuring ourselves that he was mortal and not apparition, he began to speak the histories of the ancient building.

The rest of the tour was spooky and mysterious. Each step we took created creaks and noises that fueled our imaginations. As we walk past every open cell door, we had the dreaded feeling of someone jumping out to grab us or some crazed spirit still unwilling to leave its earthly bondage, come out to rape our soul!

after the tour from the cells and to the torture device to the gallows. We ended the tour and the lights all came on. And suddenly, the whole building lost its fearsome character. We were then allowed to take some pictures. unfortunately,no spiritual imprint was left on my phone's camera picture.


Things have been going well I guess. But can you believe that since I've been here, I still have not yet seen a Kangaroo!, a Koala Bear nor even an Awesome Possum!@ Such a Failed visitor of Australia.

However, My explorations of this city has expanded and I have even taken a tour of its borders known as the St Kilda Beach. I still can't help but always remember that the world here is so air-conditioned. I love it that you're not allowed to smoke inside any building. I love that you can enter clubs and casinoes at 18. I love how the sky is always clearer and nearer than it ever seemed in KL, and the clouds even step aside for my own viewing pleasure.

I am having a beautiful time here. Enjoying my subjects, strangely for the first time ever! I'm taking Copywriting and Strategy Planning under the Advertising program, and Modern philosophy with Creative writing for my major in Philosophy and literature. I feel that these were good choices as i'm beginning to get used to the idea that you CAN actually study what you like. It doesn't have to be Their way or the highway... which I was trained to believe during my primary school years.

I'm moving in to my new place in a few days, and my normal routine can begin. Looking forward to an enjoyable years right up to my foretold 21st birthday,when my greatest happiness is achieved.

I still find it weird the sun sets at 5pm.

Cheers No worries~

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