Saturday, 6 October 2007


Im sure you know once in a while You'll get that song that You'll absolutely love. This is mine.

Lisa Lavie -Angel
My crazed song for the day. I love to overdose on songs like these then throw it out like week old trash.

Meanwhile,I've been so so busy preparing Fiona's birthday's decorations that I really put everything in hold for a while. Sigh. feels quite silly now that I look back at it as nobody really pays attention to all the details anyway.

This is why I'm not a detailed person. I live to REGRET IT.

with that aside. Firstly I should wish Fiona:


will post more about it next time.

Aiya all the final projects approaching jor!! Silly Porcupine in a balloon!! FREAEK OUT!

Here's an example of what I did in Copywriting class/ not particularly proud of it. But it's for those who actually like to read.

This is an exercise on Voices- Writing as another person.

Chu Cookies - (as a 6 yr old)

Sigh, Pokemon rocks man. I think my favourite has got to be Pikachu’s thunderbolt move. I’m so upset that I’ve finished this game already. Pokemon Yellow was supposed to be the best. I mean it’s got Pikachu’s picture on it.

I toss my gameboy onto the couch and went back to the boring world of Aunt Sally and her big fat story about her little old daughter Lucy. I hate her. I hate all girls now. I don’t understand how my best friend can choose to want to spend more time with them. Pee-youberty sucks man.

I got up to walk out of this Popsicle joint but Rose was following me again.She and her stupid little doll with her ugly frilly things. She was following me all the way into the kitchen like a big fat Snorlax. If I could do a thunderbolt move on her she’d be fried.I just hate her the most! Even more than the ugly Sailormoon that she watches.

“ Thunderbolt!! CHUuuuuuuuUUu!~” I shouted at her. Aha she’s moved back from my attack. Successful.

The kitchen seemed inviting and at least not as boring as the stuffy living room with boring aunts. Plus no sign of the Yucky brokkoli mom made me eat for last meal. I tip-toed and reached for the Cookie jar when mommy walks in and stops me.

This sucks. I hate being a kid.

Diabetes& Disease (as a grandma)

Oh my, have I dosed off again? My, what time is it? Where has my head gone these days? Oh, poor Henry must be in the toilet again.

Tsk,tsk. This just won’t do. I’ll just have to throw all these uneaten oatmeal away. It certainly wasn’t a very appetising meal anyway. Besides, I’m sure the flies have gotten to it already, and it’ll be terrible to let Henry have a worse time in the toilet than he already is having.

Gracious me! “HENRRY!!”. Another diarrhoea episode! Now I’ll have to clean this disgusting stain of the seat. Oh my poor back. I can’t live like this anymore, I just can’t keep up anymore, ever since Henry’s got that cyst in his crotchety ass, it’s been like cleaning up after a baby…with no pampers.

Sigh… yet I’m really just worried that he’ll head on to meet the good god before me. I don’t know how to live without him. I don’t know how to live with him either. Haih! Why won’t this stain come off? I should be resting in bed now not working like a maid. Oh Henry, Henry, God help you.

Smells that Tell (as a middle age detective)

Hmm… This is certainly more suspicious than I thought. Why would they kill the whole family but leave the little girl behind alive?

I’ve busted open more cases in my life than anyone at the bureau. I’ve seen so much but this totally stumps me. What would make a killer spare this little girl but not her younger brother or her mother and father?

That rules out special sympathy towards females or small children. I look at the tearful girl, crying her little eyes out. This just pisses me off the most. I can’t even help her solve the case. I almost wish the killer had finished her off, that way, at least she wouldn’t have to deal with all this.

Urgh, The sandwich I just had down at the diner’s is gonna come out soon. What is that smell? I pull open the door to see a puddle on the floor, reeking. Sulfuric acid….. And Tom stepping all over it.

“TOM! That’s important evidence you’re stepping all over.” Man he pisses me off. He’d ruined more evidence than a dumb teenage juvenile. I just had the luck of being partnered with this dumb fuck.

“Oh detective Howard, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it there.” He manages to sputter to me.

His very way of speaking annoys me. Okay, I gotta look carefully at this, from the looks of it, the suspect didn’t leave her alone. He didn’t finish the job after getting burnt. Guess the girl’s lucky to have a chemist as a dad.

At least that mysteries’ solved.

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