Thursday, 27 December 2007

Seafood Dreams

Seafood DREAMS!

i dreamed that I was a cute little anime prawn inside a bowl of Har mee (Prawn noodles). There was seafood soup and happy yellow noodles all around me. We lived in harmony.

BUT! suddenly from beneath the swirling seaweed, I sensed dark danger. Eyes shone in the dark soupy depths.The LALA clams are here!

I felt a sinking danger, I was being drowned by the evil shellfish! they bubbled in glee as i sunk from the surface with my cute anime eyes tearing up.

My last thoughts were "NOOOoooOO! How can this still be called Prawn Noodles without me, the star of the dish."

I felt sad for the destruction of such a dish and died a soupy death. i awoke.

Prayer = Spell

As most of you know, I see things in the unconventional paradigm. So I hope you will keep an open mind about what I write here and don't judge me.

I shall place and disclaimer here that I hold no responsibility in any offense you may take from my post or any negative result you wish to blame on me.

You are forewarned that there shall be controversial content ahead and you may choose to leave now if you do not accept this.

now let me proceed~

I have read quite a few books on self help, taken bible studies for five years in high school (not to mention a lifetime of christian influence) and dabbled in the study of witchcraft.

I've come to realise the similarity of a prayer and a spell.

All these things are simply Verbal Reinforcements for our brains.

whether they happen to be chants, prayers, spells or self-hypnotism. it's all simply a way of telling yourself that "this is what you want"

Think about it, in prayers you talk to someone to help you realize your dream. In chants, you repeat words of wisdom or power, In spells, you word your will in a format to make yourself believe in its power.

It,s the belief in our own words that give it power.

So whether you are the Pope praying or A Dark Wizard casting a spell. it's all the same.

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