Friday, 28 December 2007

Pissed OFF

Conflict. Why do I fear it?!

For as long as I remember, I've always always been afraid of it.

It just pisses me off sooo much that I'm always this outwardly calm,deceivingly collected person.
Inside, I feel like boiling water waiting to ashen the persons face! Agerrrrgh!

I am so pissed now because my co-worker has just been humiliated in front of me. I was shocked - appalled at the way that woman spoke to her. And the worst part is,.. I didn't say anything about it.

The whole thing started when we were talking about evil bloggers who diss people. So it totally reminded me of the whole Sut Min vs Tim thing about a year ago. So i spent hours looking for the post and even called alia to find it.

When I finally found it, I galloped to Kat's seat to show her the site, i was enthusiastically pointing to the post for her when suddenly...

Evil-Fuckface-bitch lady :(Rude Tone) "Hey Kat, what do you have to do now?"

Kat:"err,.... I'm working on the Chevrolet account."

Evil,asshole mouth woman:" You busy ah?(mocking tone) Then quickly finish the stupid chevrolet account larr ,... then come here and do this. Don't be lazy! - --Haiya!! (very sien with life tone)"

Kat looks at me and i stare at that woman (who went back to her work and didn't give a fuck about the world).

I wanted to be on speakerphone and preach her sins to the world.RAOOOOWR!!

What kind of Bitchernathan, Fuckalodeon, Chibailingam,Ninkupau Sifat ChowHai Lanjiau is that?

I had it all rehearsed in my brain, I'd diplomatically say
" Excuse me! I don't think you need to be so rude you know, She's not your slave and you are asking for her help!! What right have you to demand it out of people? "

and I even anticipated her indignant bitchy look with which she will say :"... and who are you?"
-pause to give condescending look-
"What department are you from? You're just an intern right? I can speak to your boss wan you know?!"

To which I shall reply
"Ha! I'm the only intern here that does not belong to one particular department, therefore I am immune to your threats. Besides, I'm not even afraid of losing this internship at all and would even feel liberated if that should happen."

Then the wicked witch of the west wing office shall crumble to dust and be stomped upon by our feet!
In the end--- I didn't say a word and just left at Katryn's quiet beckoning.
Man,I so beh tahan lor. I know, I feel like a coward. But I'm so afraid things don't go as i plan and I may end up the one crumbling to the ground instead.

Grrr, Why can't I say the cool things like I do on paper? when I have time to think it through and come up with brilliant ass-kicking words that will puncture wounds in her heart.


Kat the Co-worker said...

I'm jus smiling and eating the kit-kat you gave me! Mmmm-yum!~

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