Thursday, 3 January 2008


My life is scandalous.

My friends get infected by it as well.

Together, we feature more drama than a drama series can come up with in one season.

Let me give you the scoop on this week's dirty laundry...

Someone likes someone who likes someone else. and he just wants sex.
He is jealous of me and him.
He seems like he likes him, but maybe it's not true.
My best friend likes my cousin.
My cousin doesn't even love her boyfriend of 6 years.
She broke up with her,and she can't get over it.
Co-worker is being sexually harassed.

Drama Llama

I'm at work, talking to Tim on the company phone, I'm using their computer, I'm using their internet, their electricity,air con, their water, their space and I just got my paycheck.

I came in at 12 today, I left work at 3 that day. I skipped work on new year's eve. And when I want to go out..i just GO!

I think the company's making a loss.But I'm sure the company is gaining , because I get to do my own thing which makes me a Better Person! wow I love it, I have time to improve my personal blog.
So a Big HAppy Happy New Year to One and ALL!

Major celebrations with Alwyn, Winson, Tim, Samantha, Shaza, Jt and Moi

Cousins forever~

New Year's eve at Winson's place~

Me, Teresa and Alia

I'm sooo so proud of myself for bringing so many people together.

Attendance list : Aunt Candy,Cousins :Sean,Teresa, and Tim plus his dear Alia, My Shaza, workmate Katryn, Markus,Kevin, Alwyn, Winson ,Natalie,Julie and even bitchycakes Jasiminne the Penguin.
All Present!

Playing Werewolves

Whipping Jasiminne the Penguin! Scandalous

sOMEONE'S playing dressup!

Why am I so tall?
Knee surgery?? lol..

It was Markus's Birthday too, Happy birthday Markus!

But guess who got the lap dance?


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