Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Trying to Return

Sorry guys, Will not be able to blog often as I've just moved into my new place...and have absolutely NO internet!!!!


However, I wouldn't want to disappoint you too much. So i shall photoblog!

While working in Malaysia, I was inspired to travel more often in Australia.

Hmm, this makes me reflect back on my time back in Malaysia. I think it was a really really great three months.

I feel particularly happy about the networking. Introducing people to each other,making new friends, having a blast.

yeah, I think I've accomplished a lot this holiday.

The experience also pushed me to want more out of life; to really get out there and live!
So I'm also glad to find these wonderful friends of mine who brought me out to see the famous Australian spots.

I finally get a sense of what this country's setting is like.

We headed down the famous Great Ocean Road. It certainly was great~

The Seagulls were active and busy squabbling.

The natural formations were wondrous and the air was scented with sea salt

The lonely rock sits out in the sea,thinking of its brothers that he'd lost to the sea.

The Emerald sea takes in the blue of the sky to become an aquamarine mirror.

Waves smashes itself against the rocks in fury, making drama for all to see.

I was also lucky enough to spot a Koala bear!...well...actually I don't think they qualify for the species of bears. They're marsupials actually. Anyway~

Aww !!!!
They're either mother and baby or lovers in a love lock.

Then it climbed up a tree,

and started to PEE

Talk about golden showers.

*to be continued

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