Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sydney And Mardi Gras

Man, At this rate, I'll never Be able to catch up with my own adventures.

I can't seem to record fast enough. We humans have more conveniences but end up with less time in life.

So I decided not to go on into the whole Great Ocean road trip, but more pictures are available on my facebook profile.

I have to go back 16 days ago when me and Gin and Sandra and Fui

Drove 12 Frickin Hours from Melbourne to Sydney!

I was also really happy to say that I got to visit my long time Wifey~ Cynthia in Sydney! aww so happy happy.

We rented a car and set off for the super long drive, the sceneries passed while random signboards warned

(STOP your car and take a rest! An alert driver lives to drive another day!) - something like that

We navigated our way by means of Sandra's immensely trustworthy GPS system. I reccomend that everyone on earth gets one. NOW! imeeeediately! then we can try meeting up at obscure places then exclaim at each other when we do find the dodgy location.

Upon reaching Cynthia's place, we decided that we couldn't waste our day on trivial things , such as sleep, and went out to paint the town red.

Sydney is truly a full-on city, everyone rushes along and there was one junction where you could cross diagonally as well as left,right and center.

Cynthia brought us to places to eat like :
Sydney Fish Market where you can eat straight from the market stalls.

Then she brought us to pancake on the rocks,

which is in Darling Harbour

Sydney was filled with structural wonders

And of course their Famous Sydney Opera House, a world icon.

Then at night we went to see the most anticipated gay event of the year

Snow Whore and the Seven Positions

Trying to suck in his gut, So Unglam!

Bright and colourful Dramaqueens

Come together NOW!!!

Look! Hang Tuah and Hang Cibai!

Some kind of testicular monsters.

Magneto's daughter

Symbolic for "Big Rods"

Sigh, a gay guy's obsession for beauty and height.

Cruella de vil from space

Martian lip lock.

And finally__

Wishing you all~
Happy Easter!!!


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