Monday, 24 March 2008

Doodles in bed

I'm serious, I just sat at home all day, finishing a Vulgar cartoon series - (Drawn Together), A gay reality TV show - (Boy meets Boy) and almost done with Hong Kong TVB Drama - (Steps 《èˆžć‹•ć…šćŸŽ》)

Yeap been pretty much a bum at home over the easter holidays, with the exception of going out with Derrick, Fiona and her friend-_- to karaoke and then a relaxed housewarming at uncle Carlson's which involved more karaoke. The night ended with a game of bridge into the morning.

That totally FCUK-ed up my sleeytime. As I type this, it's 7.53 am now.And I'm blogging.

Not a very inspiring lifestyle I must say.

But I still created inspiring doodles!

I really like this one~ I call it
Stepping out of the shower

Recently, Cynthia has been unwell, it's quite bad as she had to go to the hospital. But she's doing better now. So I made her a card.

I call it Nurse Naughty

I was also playing around with fashion design.

LoL ~ maybe I'll leave the Fashion world to Winson

And finally, working on a uni Project.

Recognise this Character?

Wow..i'm actually a bumming workaholic. How ironic.

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