Saturday, 29 March 2008

Wrong Impression

To be listened to while you read~

Most people have a wrong impression of me.

On facebook, I'm currently voted 2nd most likely to skip class, with 7 out of ten votes.

Im just right under Alea the Camwhore. Seriously,

What the heck people?

The truth is:
I don't like to skip classes. I may be late for classes, I may take a longer break, But i don't like to skip a class.

I'm also thought to be naughty drinker of all alcohol.
Well people.surprise surprise~
I do not like Beer!

I do not like wine

I do not like hard Liquor

I do like cocktails and desert wine.

I like to add my name in front of words:
Roycelebrity, Roycelebrate,Roycentric, Roycecology,Roycyclopedia, Roycelestial,

You don't know me! None of you do! XXXX you! PHARQUE YOU ALL!

oh yeah, I can also be quite dramatique and haf kiut wei off spellin tings! LOL.
Re-Think My identity!

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