Friday, 23 May 2008

Ooh Scandalous~

hehehe... I love it when I find such secret information:

My dear sibling's link has been updated...hehehe shhh, don't whisper a word to any soul.
Recently, I've been reading the fantasy saga :

no wonder Jeannette couldn't put it down. I'm practically glued to its pages.
A story of a girl who almost became a nun suddenly thrown into politics, fighting not only for her own lives but also over all she rules.
It's so thrilling to watch her plot and plan her way through life while dealing with difficult decisions.

It brought to mind my own decisions that i would one day face:

  • Are you strong enough to fire your own friend?
  • Am I able to detect an evil intent amongst my Frenemies?
  • Can I plot my way to achieve my goals without harm to myself?

It really makes you wonder. Are you strong enough?
So I have begun to study the interactions of humans, and test out my abilities at manipulations. i once received a comment from Winson, he told me I was manipulative...
He hasn't seen anything yet.

Let the games begin.

In the meanwhile, some humorous Malaysian-ness

And let's laugh at japan while we're at it (Courtesy of my fav humour website

Rapists and perverts everywhere beware!

No Habahaba or Bom Chicka Wah Wah either!

After you honey...

For those days that are just too relaxed

Hurry honey, or we'll miss the train

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